Ugra and OAO LUKOIL are Social Partners

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Ugra’s Governor Natalia Komarova and the President of the oil company LUKOIL Vagit Alekperov signed a supplementary agreement to the cooperation agreement between the Autonomous Okrug Government and the oil company for 2015.

"The history of this social partnership is already ten years long. A number of joint project in spheres most in demand among the residents have been implemented in this time. This is a deliberate decision. We have very carefully considered everything in preparation," Natalia Komarova commented the signing of the document.  "Today we watch a real roller coaster on all the markets – currency, oil, and stock. Our partnership is not like that. We are all for stability and predictability. We value this kind of relationship very highly and this agreement signing demonstrates exactly that. In 2014 the company was involved in 27 social facilities. I only counted those being constructed. Another aspect of all this is investment in people. Knowledge, skill, qualification – these are the tings of a great interest to us. In this connexion I would like to recall the project on the establishment of the Applied Qualifications Centre in Kogalym. The Centre will train specialists for the oil and gas industry."

In his turn Vagit Alekperov also stressed the importance of the document. "The projects we implement jointly with the Okrug are very important to us. As important as the predictability and loyalty. All this makes it possible for us to stabilise operation of our enterprises in the Okrug. I would like to add that we never separated oil industry workers from, say, doctors. Our social projects involve everyone."

During a TV bridge after the signing of the agreement, Natalia Komarova and Vagit Alekperov answered questions from employees of OOO LUKOIL - West Siberia, community organisations, and residents of Kogalym, Langepas, Urai, and Pokachi.

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